Project Idea For Computer Science and Engineering 

1Smart body posture recognition & Guiding system
2Personal Health Influencers through social network
3Algorithm for double blinding of coal samples
4Real Time Mapping of Epidemic Spread
6Low cost & smart cooling system for tractor cabin
7Low cost on the go soil sensing and mapping attached to implements
8Uplifting the Farmer through a Connected Ecosystem
10A seed sowing machine for Zero-Till farming
11Development of Non-fouling metallic surfaces/coats
12Removal of Volatile Acids (eg AA) in waste stream.
13Biomass Size reduction with low power consumption.
14Online Adaptive Assessment Platform
15Big Data challenges for the e-Mobility
16Big Data challenges for e-Mobility- infra operator
17Big Data challenges for e-Mobility- Smart City
18Locate faults in Power Distribution Networks
20Secure distributed transaction recording system
21Effectively writing YARA rules to detect malwares
22Common Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Portal
23Birth/Death Registration Integration With Services
24Ambulance Services
25India Vs Pollution
26Inconsistency Detection in Medical Annotation
27Patient Case Similarity
28Drone Doctors
29Steam Trap Health Monitoring
30Efficient and Robust Float Design
31Development of  30 Kg Payload capacity multicopter
32Zero Defect Manufacturing at Suppliers
33Real time info: suppliers supply chain planning.
34Automated system for Material Return from Customer
35Smart and Dynamic Time Table Management System
36Efficient Farming
37Invoice Processing using RPA
38Finance Receipting using Robotic Process Automatio
39High Performance Network Intrusion Detection Engine
41Mask Free Air
42RADAR on Roads
44Mechanism to save medines from getting wasted
46Collective Threat Intelligence Framework
48Consistent Product Moisture in manufacturing
49Online Inspection of Packed Cases
50Packaging format and design optimizer
51Intelligent Food packaging
52App Based Valuation Reports of Mobile Assets
53Drone based medical facility
54Identity (KYC) secure sharing
55Proactive Disaster Detection
56Driver alertness detection
57Hospital Finder
58Ayurveda pharma-covigilance – portal (web & app)
59Epidemiological survey app Builder
60Portal/app for transfer of vital data at low BW
61Chat bots builder
62Non-invasive method of blood glucose monitoring
63Audio guide for patient regarding doctor prescript
64Smart Farm Diary
65Farm input calculation
70Developing Low Noise High Speed Ring Loading Sys
71Automated Visual Inspection of Oily Components
72Pedestrian Safety Device in automobiles
73Parking Spot indicator in vicinity
74Low Cost Digisense Platform: Change Driving Habits
75Collection of real time data of Inundation areas
76Data of waste water from water retaining structure
77Assessment of increase in depth of tube/borewells
78Distribution of groundwater intensive industries
79Aquatic drone for water quality measurement
80Dash board/App to monitor STP running status
81AI Solution for Farmers
82Integrated Crop protection Management
83Crowd sourcing of diseases and pests information
84Farm to Fork traceability of Farm Produce
85Parallel BMS
86Mobile App for Rental Battery
87Power Train Optimization
90Reducing Cotton Picking Cost of Indian Farmer
91Aerial Traffic Monitoring using UAVs
92Smart bins for waste management
93Health alerts application for a region
94Integrated Health Care App/Portal
95To measure science literacy/scientific temper
96To find out the aptitude of a child
97Alternative to traditional credential based authentication
98Voice/Textual BOT mobile app
99Customer Support Chat bot with ML
100Doctor App

101Customer support-Automation of ticket creation(RPA
102Cost effective parking solution
103Automation of Statistical Information Compilation
104Preparation of Gross Value Added (GVA) and storing
105Preparation of Dashboard for National Accounts
106Crowd sourcing of the works for MPs
107Information Management System
108Telepicking Interface with item picking Robotics
109Google search Using (RPA)
111Time and productivity analysis
112Using AI to improve slotting, picking routes
113Finished Goods DISPATCH BAY Mnagement Automation
114On the spot (Realtime) Accident information & Insurance dispute resolution
115Live Digital Traffic Management / Information System using GEO Coordinates
116Live  AQI (Air quality Index) Map like Google traffice map  for the use of  various stakeholders (Car Drivers,OEMs, individuals etc.)
117Stop Noise pollution from honking
118Water borne diseases detection  in a particular location
119Ensuring effective detection of currency counterfeits across different touch points
120Improve reusability of electronic components across various industries by maintaining industry databases of compatible HW, SW version data
121CO2 conversion  to CO
122Lignin valorisation- Conversion to fuels,chemicals
123Design of proto-type Hydrogen storage tank
124High-thermal efficiency gas burner
125App for top ten OWASP vulnerabilities scan
126Application to show process ID and Remote conn.
127Encrypted VOIP using symmetric or asymmetric key
128A robust algorithm for secure comm messengers
129Talking Fingers
130Low-cost vapour recovery system at fuel stations
131Re-forestation using "self driven" robotic vehicle
132Innovative re-refining of used lubricating oils
133Low-cost production of Hydrogen
134Smart eco-friendly garbage management
135Low-cost, high-accuracy lubricant testing kit
136Utilisation of CO2 emitted from MEG plant
137Plug b/w petroleum products to avoid intermixing
1381) Expedite first-in-human clinical trials
139Tracking spurious drugs & ensuring brand safety
140Predictive analysis of pharmaceutical equipment
141Optimum Inventory Control of Machine Spares and Co
142Automatic Production Planning & Scheduling of Size
144E-recording of off-cut plates from nesting softwar
145Daily update on construction site progress
146Daily update on construction quality assurance at site
147Feedback of Power supply position
148Distribution of Electric Power for agriculture
150Smart monitoring and operating the power system
152Smart recording of Hand Washing by Hospital staff
153One Click Research Solution @ Hinduja Hospital (OC
154Washroom Management for the Hospital
155Keyword based Exploration of Library Sources
156Handholding Robots for deployment in Apollo Hospital
157Analytics of Scanned Prescriptions and Notes
158Virtual Visits to ICU’s
159Automated intelligent humanoid robot in ICU
160Software for better AV Clarity on Low bandwidth
161Single strip estimation of multiple parameter
162TeleScreening 60 minutes HealthCheck at Work
164Geographical profiling of routes based on security and surveillance
165reducing carbon foot-print  by optimizing IoT device usage
166Operational maintenance of critical vehicles using AR/VR
167Traffic and accident management
168Building Inspection & Monitoring
169Autonomous BOT for Retail
170Forecasting commodity prices
171Crawling demand drivers
173Labour Laws compliance while reducing intrusion
174Eradication of Child Labour using Systems Approach
175Knowledge sharing platform for problem solving
176Live School for World class free education
177Solid Waste/ Waste management cost
178Avoid Cash Crop Loss
179Self Learning BOT
181Ocean Cleaning
184Waste Management
185Overcoming GDPR in Personalization!
186Using AR/VR to transform Travel Experience!
187Video Analytics software
188Virtual reality training program
189Online residual stress measurement in steel strip
190robotic instrument to gauage tube thickness
191Stoppage of Work due to rain/snow/floods/landslide
192Application for availability of Highway related raw material in the vicinity of the ongoing highway project.
193Citizen feedback on maintenance of road
194Developing a Calibration Curve for Typical Joints
195Intravenous Infusion Monitoring
196Inductor in Integrated Circuits
197WheelChair cum Stretcher
198Real Time Crop Health Monitoring
199Household waste Incinerator
200Existing pumps in the farms to run by solar power

201Motor Vehicle Emission Reduction
202Snap Design were it can with stand 100N pull force
203Immersive Experience
204Securing authenticity of Farmer inputs
205Referral of Severe Acute Malnourished (SAM) childr
206Fetal Distress Classification based on Cardiotocography
207Smart Demand Predictors
208Digital Reverse Logistics for Damaged Goods
209Digital In-store Merchandising
210AR/VR Experience for Beauty Products
211Track and Trace Supply Chain
212SCR efficiency deterioration monitoring from real
213An Open sourced Motor Controller for Hybrid Veh.
214Vehicle Consumables Prognostics
215Intelligent Battery Management
216Intelligent trip management for Electric Vehicles
217The Mobility Challenge
218Air filter monitoring
219App for Pediatric Chronic Care
220Pediatric Teledermatology
223Development of e-portal/mobile app for marketing
224Public address System
225Manned Level Crossing (MLC) on Indian Railway Network
226De-duplication of Price List (PL) numbers
227Platform that lists all Startup related events
228Media Plan
229Create a 3D AR mobile buying experience
230Last mile route planning from delivery centers
231Dashboard for monitoring progress of Startup India
232Grievance Redressal platform for Startups
233Platform for Startups to avail mentor-ship support
234Startup Ecosystem Tracker
235Platform to connect Startups with Corporates
236Market place for Startups
237Financing platform for Startups
239Energy Storage Solutions using earth abundant materials
240Develop Innovative methods for treating Sewage
241Minimizing reject during water purification
244Sludge developed inside Crude Oil Transport Pipe
2453D Visual of radiation source using area dose
246Malicious webpage detection using machine learning
247Brain Image segmentation using machine learning
248Mechanism for Crude Oil Wax Handling in Pig Barrel
249Aid-kit for persons with smell sense disability
250Pipeline Pilferage  Prevention & Detection system
253Drought situations in rain shadow regions of Maharashtra
254Ghee making machine
255Cattle feed manufacturing from local agriculture produce
256Automatic Pothole detection while driving
257Use of Drone Technology for monitoring progress of construction and linking it to project monitoring application
258Use of Artificial Intelligence for prediction of Highway Status for preventive maintenance.
259Schema for modular construction of Bridges, from Foundation to Super Structure.
260Application for designing of Slope protection measures with relevant geological data & as parameters
261Electronic Payment of User Fees at the Toll Plazas
262Black spot alert on mobile phones of travelers.
263Mobile based User Fee Payment.
264Use of plastic to construct roads
265Generation of water from thin air
266Modeling the movement of people in a city
267Effluent Analysis for Anti-Biotic Presence
268Pharma Logistics - Tracking Vital Parameters
270Pharma Pull Production System
272Relative Attractiveness Index of World Markets
273High end Access Control Systems
274In Surgery Video Annotation
275Medical Emergency App
276DVD Copy Protection
277Text To Speech (TTS) for Indian languages
278Block-chain based certificate validation
279Ima Market
280An income tax fraud detection idea using AI & ML
281Land Real estate Registration
283Chatbot for eGoverance
285Method of separating waste from limestone
286Use of limestone waste to achieve ZERO waste minin
288Counting of cement bags in loaded truck
289Measuring quantity of cement and clinker
290Presenting Information contained in a NOTAM
291Presenting Aerodrome Obstacles around an Aerodrome
292Presenting Waypoints, Navigational Aids and creating ATS Route Network on the Google Earth Platform
293Mobile application to get RCS flight seat availability/Fare/Departure/Destination in real time with
295Ultra-low power Nano implantable devices for early cardiac arrest detection.
296Predictive analysis on Medicines & Doctors availability in Government hospitals
297Robust/Affordable fetal heart monitoring
298Efficient Embedded Search engine for million records in an edge device
300AI powered Server Log Management Software

301Gas Dehydration for Pipeline Transportation
302Automatic Stream Changeover for Flow-metering
303Automated Adverse Road Condition Detection
304Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) Meas
305The Right Dose for the patient
306Person Tracking System
307Ensure safe driving distance in adverse conditions
308Online Prognostic System of key vehicle component
309Performance Evaluation and Analysis of a vehicle
310Prediction of Automotive Component Failure Causes
311Low cost residential flow meter
314Multi lingual and voice based conservation interface ( not necessarily bot)
315Low cost payment terminal
316Affordable mobile application camera system to monitor residential societies' vehicle activity
317Economical and reusable Thermal Management of components in electrical transport systems.
318Tracking Board for unsafe act
319Managing the personnel training in a simple way
320Simplification of garment scanning
321Reduce the amount of push notifications require for e-commerce apps
322Using technology to create a credit profile of e-commerce customers
323Reducing phishing attacks in online/mobile wallets and net banking
324Leveraging data to solve for Non-communicable Disease diagnosis and healthcare delivery
325Leveraging Digital Solutions to solve for 10X growth in prescriptions
326Coconut to Copra Instant Yield Estimation
327Coconut crop Harvest mechanization for reducing Harvest cost
328Ultra-Portable Cosmetic Heating Solution
329Body Odor Detection attachment for Smartphone
330Non-Invasive, 24-h Digital Blood Glucose Monitoring Device
331Health Index of Power Transformer Fleet in Transmission  Utility.
333Create an Augmented Reality based 3D Build and Assembly Instruction App for Cardboard Models
334Create a Visually programmable PLC controller using Bluetooth Automation I/O Profile
339Wind and Solar energy prediction
340Mail Dashboard
341Knowledge Management Portal
342MD Message Online
343Tracking Of Preventive Maintenance
344Assess impact on environment, of the material re-used by Goonj, had it gone into dump/landfill.
345Derive at a Productivity Efficiency
346Insulation issue in Auxiliary and Deck machinery motors in naval ships
347Repeated failure of main Engine Control systems Cards due to short circuit or less insulation values
350Autonomous navigation system for pilotless manoeuvring of vessel through restricted waters.
351Preventing letting out Polluted Water into Canals and Rivers
352Developing a user-friendly data bank of MSMEs
353Solution for Effective Utilization of Coir Raw Material  to avoid wastage
354Forecasting the Demand for Water Pumps
355Detection of Defects in Leather
356Identification of vacant land for industrial use
357Development of Solar energy powered service delivery vehicle
358Robotic assistance to cut the stones of given accurate dimensions
359development of Low cost testing of Edible oils
360Solution to Overcome difficulties in polishing of stainless steel utensils
361Software platform for managing payment transactions of Employee
362Mobile App - Software Development for GST
363Truck Weighing based on the suspension of the vehicle
364Automated Foreign Particle Identification in the Liquid Drugs (Pharma Application)
365Development of Drone for fixing High Tension wire in hilly terrain/rivers

366Low cost smart dust bins for Office
367Road traffic management system for hilly terrains areas
368Leather Article Design software (Mobile App) for small entrepreneurs
369Innovative solution for Fish Feeding System
370Classification of quality of milk based on viscocity, color and density
371Robotic assistance for workers to paint the ceilings
372Hardware solution to solve the problem of voltage unbalance, surge problems, power factor distortion etc.
373Development of cost effective freeze and drying technology for vegetables/leaves.

374Online mechanism to monitor the working of embroidery machine
375Development of LED light fixtures for hot and dusty climate
376Design of tools and exhaust system to assist workers in stone industries
377Development of Website/APP for collection, transporation,disposal and segregation of waste products 
378Development of  Website/ App for improving skills and development of workers
379Development of  Website/ App for improving skills and development of workers
380Design of system for solving the issue of counterfeit problem.
381Development of  Website/App for building customer relationship management in regional language
382Extracting Hardware Design Diagram parameters from digital copy
383Identification and control of heavy metals in the sea food material using an IoT solution
384Fat preservation of Spices by Cryogenic grinding
385Cost Effective Fume and Dust Cleansing System
386Power Consumption Monitoring and Recommendation System for Efficiency Improvement
387Alarm and interlocking system for level indication for inert gas and nitrogen cylinders.
388Simulation based building/structure strength testing
389Cost effective Predictive Maintenance System for CNC machines
390Component weight detection system for CNC machines

391CNC Machine Noise Prediction and Reduction

392Sound Efficient Pulse Jet Technology Alternatives
393Autonomous Drones Disaster identification and alerting system
394Black Box Logging system for Drones
395Intrusion detection and Recovery system for Drone Signals
396Privacy Management System in Drones Data Collection

398Automation and optimization of furnance parameters to reduce westage of raw materials
399Online Virtual Exibition Platform
400Hydrogen as fuel in Automobiles

401Automatic signalling in railways
402Development of Manufacturing Execution System(MES) for the Medical Device Industry
403Medical Infrastructure Management by Scheduling visits and online access

404Innovative Payment and Recovery System for MSME

405Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Machine
406Gaming built around business simulation
407An Online video directory for entrepreneurs
408Online interactive entrepreneur clubs
409Smart Traffic Lights using CCTV
410Shared Roof Top Rain Water Harvesting
411Transport Management System for Intra-City travel
412Heavy Earth Moving Machinery Monitoring
413Automatic alert to Safety Officers
414IOT Device for Tracking CSR Assets
415Fuel Tank Guard
416Mine Accident Rescue Operation
419Water Efficient – Air Cooler
421Multipan // NEKA
424To have Self Charged Fans - Cost effective , Energy saving and very useful for end user // FAN
426Mgmt of material during Disaster- receipt, availability, movement and its receipt to the last person
4271. Intelligent Range Estimator 2. EV Smart Charging App 3. Universal EV Charging Adaptor
428Variable Speed Transmission Device for Mechanical Power Train
429Automation in Tire Visual Inspection
430Find Optimised pattern for arranging the tyres in a truck
431Electric Drive System for Excavators for Inner City Applications
432Transfer of data across two separate networks without violating cyber security
433Tyre Pressure Monitoring
434Knowledge based Web App for eProcurement SRM (Supplier Relationship Management)
435Automatic Active Server Communication Alerts
436Monitoring input water quality and output water quality through smart sensing in Home water purifier
437Solar operated portable water purifier
438High Impact Low cost Well-being solution
439Clubbing College projects across India
440Bed management optimization
441Increase clinician-patient face time
442Confidentiality of patient medical records
443Early prediction of lifestyle diseases
444Diagnosis of acute diseases in villages and smaller towns using AI
445Data collection for machine learning models to work using technology
446Web/Mobile based advisory for identification and management of insect pest in agricultural crops
447Web/Mobile solution for Horticultural Crop specific Market , Storage, Value Additions and Price
451Real-time estimation of Heart Rate under lighting using Smartphone Camera
452Eco Drive
453Analyse organisational productivity & efficiency based on analysis of Outlook email & calendar data?
455Intelligent natural language search for all our R&D data
457Control of multiple drones with one control unit
458Security camera powered with Machine Learning for people detection for queue Data Analytics
459Securing and increasing productivity of BYOD in classrooms at schools
460Digitizing health data  from non digitized format
461Using AR / VR Technology to sell Life Insurance
462Enhancing customer outreach by  using social media / P2P network
463Leveraging technology to Improve customer experience
464Building a platform to connect with potential agents and facilitates application process and hiring
465Marathi Language  support in smartphone pluggable library
466Developing Geo referenced map interface using open source technologies
467Hardware - Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
468Software - Healthcare & Biomedical Devices
469Hardware - Smart Cities
470Software - Smart Cities
471Software - Smart Education
472Hardware - Smart Communication
473Software - Smart Communication
474Hardware - Smart Vehicles
475Software - Smart Vehicles
476Hardware - Robotics and Drones
477Hardware - Security and Surveillance
478Software - Security and Surveillance
479Bird, animal and insects- Repellent system
480Software - Agriculture and Rural Development
481Hardware - Sports and Fitness
482Software - Sports and Fitness
483Hardware - Sustainable Environment
484Software - Sustainable Environment
485Hardware - Smart Textiles
486Software - Smart Textiles
487Hardware - Energy/ Renewable energy
488Software - Energy/ Renewable energy
489Hardware - Miscellaneous
490Software - Miscellaneous
491Software - Finance
492Software - Travel
493The Schneider Industry Uber-like service app
494Battery bank remote sensing, controlling & maintenance.
495Portable handheld optical character recogniser
496Opensource, Development of customizable micro, small industry resource management system
497Solution for Fabric length reader, cutter and Fabric digital printer
498Customizable Tea Leaves plucking system
499Solution for Preventing workers from getting exposed to chemicals/fumes in Metal finishing/ Paint/ Cement units
500Low cost Automation machine for making Karanjee, Modak, Ladoo and Samosa.
501Automatic machine for making cloth bags
502Biogas generation from biodegradable wastes
503Solution to improve Dust Catching System in Mini Cement Plant / Raw material grinding facilities
504Creating prototype of electric two wheeler for reducing traffic noise & road congestion
505Design of portable device to measure the flow of fluid without being in physical contact for finding flow measurement and leak detection
506Management of heat dissipation for LED bulbs to increas life span
507Development of Low cost Air-borne Ultrasound Sensors
508Design and development of LED monitor panels to increase its ruggedness
509Design of Environment Friendly Stabilizer for manufacture of PVC
510Cost Effective Carpet Drying System
511Cooperative System for End to End Artisan workers product management
512Cost Effective Vitamin B12 Candle manufacturing for RO systems
513Market Databank Generation and Sharing Platform
514Design and development of low cost 'Adsorbent chillers' for waste heat recovery
515Low cost Automation machine for making Roti, stuff Paratha.
516Low cost Automatic Dishwasher Machine
517Customizable sorting and packaging system
518Development of GPS and satellite imagery based Tsunami alert mechanism
519Desalination of Sea Water to make Potable Water
520Cost effective  waste water treatment for micro & small units
521Development of dedicated website/e-portal for Renewal of licenses/ registration for MSEs
522Recovery of metals from Industrial waste
523Portable light weight wheel chair
524Increasing performance of LED light drivers with consideration of its life span
525IoT based solution for monitoring of pollution through pesticide in fresh fruits and vegetable available in markets
526Intellectual property Facilitation Centre management
527Novel Applications using Messaging feature of  NavIC
528Improving Positioning Accuracy by using GAGAN on Mobile
529Autonomous Ephemeris Predictions by Navigation Receivers
530Seamless indoor-outdoor navigation
531VSAT Saarthi: The Operations Assistant
532Spectrum efficient VSAT networks, based on cognitive radio principles
533Finding Neil Armstrong
535Sensor based monitoring of urban city waste water for agricultural use
538mobile based low cost smart irrigation assistant for guiding irrigation scheduling
540Decoding customer interest levels  and providing realtime prompt to sales representative
541Smart capturing of the intended footfalls in a showroom
542Smart measurement of "Below the Line" action's effectiveness
546Digital public announcement and chat bot systems.
548Online Grievance Management System at Institute level
549Portal to gather innovative ideas/Best Practices for execution and development
550AI based tool to get information about 5 good institutes based on AISHE data like faculty student ratio, infrastructure (Laboratory and Hostel facility), research facilities at institutes etc.
551Portal to know about various National and International scholarships based on merit, study field, income etc.
552Bulk email & SMS Communication Portal
553AICTE Event/Activity (Workshops, Talks, FDP, Meeting etc) management system.
554Mobile App and Web Portal for Officer’s/Officials availability status
555Selective Health Data pipette
556Software to compare Chromatography output and match with the reference standard output using Image recognition/ Artificial Intelligence techniques
557Digitize & Integrate reading of equipment with other enterprise systems (Operational Technology and Information technology integration) – Factory Automation
558Software based method of doing analysis of various root causes of problems
559Software platform for affordable healthcare services in rural area
560Solution for Controlling and monitoring air and water pollution in urban areas
561Technology solution to improve chield health cand nutrition
562Development of Website /  App to creating awareness amongst women to improve maternal healthcare
563Encryption of biometric traits to avoid privacy attacks
564Development of Website/APP to assist farmers regarding transportation of fruits and vegetable
565Development of Website/APP to sell/dispose old vehicles and for car pooling.
566Robotic assitance for pluckig, spraying pesticide and de-husking of dried areca nut with care
567Lightening Alert System for Farmers
568MSME Collaboration Platform
569Agri Business and Entrepreneurship Awareness System for Rural Youth
570Process automation in printing industry for smooth production and improvement of capacity
571Requirement of strict policies for recovery of delay payment
572Requirement of ESI Hospital and improved medical facilities in each industrial estat
573Bike E-Catalogue Mobile App
574My City Information  Mobile App
575Bike Crash Detection
576Golf Ball tracking
578Achieve zero wastage of water through RO Water purifiers normally used in an Indian household
579Intra city networking for load carrying small vehicles
580Smart garbage vehicles and push carts i am
581Advance Traffic navigation system
582Human Activity Recognition using event based sensors for Home IoT applications
588Energy Consumption machine using Sunlight
589Blockchain based supply chain management system
590Fuel Cell - Refrigeration / Air Conditioning
591Virtual Reality Visualization for Computational Studies
592Coating on polymers to maximize its heat resistance characteristics
593Solution for a Best Insulation Material