Computer Network Question Bank With Answer


CO1 Explain basic concepts, OSI reference model, services and role of each layer of OSI model and
TCP/IP, networks devices and transmission media, Analog and digital data transmission
CO2 Apply channel allocation, framing, error and flow control techniques.
CO3 Describe the functions of Network Layer i.e. Logical addressing, subnetting & Routing
CO4 Explain the different Transport Layer function i.e. Port addressing, Connection Management,
Error control and Flow control mechanism.
CO5 Explain the functions offered by session and presentation layer and their Implementation.
CO6 Explain the different protocols used at application layer i.e. HTTP, SNMP, SMTP, FTP,


Unit-I Introductory Concepts: Goals and applications of networks, Categories of networks,
Organization of the Internet, ISP, Network structure and architecture (layering principles, services,
protocols and standards), The OSI reference model, TCP/IP protocol suite, Network devices and
Physical Layer:
Network topology design, Types of connections, Transmission media, Signal transmission and
encoding, Network performance and transmission impairments, Switching techniques and

Unit- II Link layer: Framing, Error Detection and Correction, Flow control (Elementary Data Link
Protocols, Sliding Window protocols).
Medium Access Control and Local Area Networks: Channel allocation, Multiple access protocols,
LAN standards, Link layer switches & bridges (learning bridge and spanning tree algorithms).

Unit III Network Layer: Point-to-point networks, Logical addressing, Basic internetworking (IP, CIDR,
ARP, RARP, DHCP, ICMP), Routing, forwarding and delivery, Static and dynamic routing,
Routing algorithms and protocols, Congestion control algorithms, IPv6.

Unit- IV Transport Layer: Process-to-process delivery, Transport layer protocols (UDP and TCP),
Multiplexing, Connection management, Flow control and retransmission, Window management,
TCP Congestion control, Quality of service.

Unit-V Application Layer: Domain Name System, World Wide Web and Hyper Text Transfer Protocol,
Electronic mail, File Transfer Protocol, Remote login, Network management, Data compression,
Cryptography – basic concepts.


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